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The final project of the master course requires teams to apply the skills they have acquired throughout the course. The project focuses on researching the geographical and demographic aspects of a specific city or geographical environment, as well as trends in the market. It also involves developing and managing a product range, including buying, retail merchandising strategy, store layout, visual merchandising, and interior branding strategy. The aim of the project is to create an innovative premium/luxury multi-brand retailer.

The project allows for the choice of either an existing retailer or the creation of a new retail entity. The product offer should include at least three distinct product categories that are carefully curated to meet the expectations, positioning, and pricing of both the retailer and the target customer. The physical retail store is approximately 350 in size.

In addition to external products, a percentage of the product offer should be private label items. These should be conceptualized and developed by the retailer themselves. The project also involves conducting trend intelligence and product analysis, researching the chosen city or geographical area, establishing the retailer's brand identity, identifying designers/brands, selecting key categories/products to focus on, and implementing a retail merchandising strategy.

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