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This project involves the development of a private label collection for a multi-brand store, specifically Dover Street Market Ginza. In order for multi-branded retailers to remain competitive, it is crucial for them to create unique and immersive experiences for their customers. The future of retail lies in stores that serve as more than just places to shop. They should inspire, entertain, educate, and captivate customers. Retailers are addressing "shopper's fatigue" by curating distinct spaces that enable people to explore new lifestyles and acquire knowledge.

The following are the key tasks for this project: Gain a deep understanding of the identity of Dover Street Market Ginza, the selected multi-brand store. Analyze its unique characteristics, values, and target audience. "Community of customers" has become a popular term, and it is important to go beyond the buzzword and examine the behaviors, needs, and expectations of the relevant customer community associated with the store. This will involve thorough research and analysis. Explore the potential of launching a private label for the store. Consider why it would be beneficial for the store to have its own product line and determine which product categories would be most suitable. Decide whether the private label should consist of in-house products or co-branded collaborations.

Overall, the goal is to develop a private label collection that aligns with the brand identity of Dover Street Market Ginza and meets the needs and expectations of its target customers.

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